Welcoming new staff into the company:

Japan is one of those countries that still maintain a strong “fresh of the uni” recruiting policy. Every year, companies will send their scouting teams to several universities across the nation to select their future workforce even before they graduate. Being traditionally Japanese at its roots, Nihon Access does not fall short when it comes to following this kind of recruitment culture. Every year, we receive a new batch of “just-grads” joining our company.

Upon graduating sometime toward the beginning of March, these new employees start coming to our office for training. On April 1st, they are officially welcomed into the company and—following on the school tradition that is so dominant here in Japan—they go through a “commencement” ceremony in which Nihon Access’s president, a few managing directors, the HR director and some of the new employees’ sempai will share a few thoughts celebrating their joining.

Mr. Kubota, president of Nihon Access, usually speaks about our company’s philosophy and the vision he personally has for the new recruits. Every other spokesperson will be in charge of making contributions explaining about different company policies and teaching our corporate culture. Lastly, the sempai will talk about some anecdotal company experiences they have had at Nihon Access and how the same helped them grow as an individual and as a professional. A couple of volunteers are also invited to speak from the newly arrived group. They will usually share personal goals to achieve while working at Nihon Access. The ceremony is concluded with a group photo and there is a welcome dinner at the end of the day to welcome the new employees into the Nihon Access family the Japanese way—with plenty to drink and to be merry about.

Interested in working with us. We are always looking for new potential talent so contact us through private message in our social media outlets and find out how to join our company.

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