Visit to the Pee Aar Group plant in Noida

Mr. Pankaj Rustagi

Yesterday, our Systems Integration Department Director, Mr. Takaoka, along with our Business Development Manager, Mr. Joshi, were able to visit the Pee Aar Group plant located in Noida. There, both gentlemen had the privilege of being escorted by the Managing Director of the Pee Aar group, Mr. Pankaj Rustagi himself, for a tour of their state-of-the-art facilities.

The visit had as its core purpose the discussion about the creation and installation of an ERP system designed by Nihon Access India, in order to upgrade the already very efficient Pee Aar production lines.

“As the businesses of the world increase their automation capacity, we felt this is a crucial time for us to make good use of the newest trends in ERP technology so that we don’t fall behind our competitors” highlighted Mr. Rustagi. Indeed, as most industries worldwide have already migrated a huge portion of their processes onto intelligent systems that help integrate the entire scope of production for their business—from the acquisition of raw materials for production to the data management of sales totals once the products were either sold online or through their physical retailers—it is easy to see why a visionary businessman like Mr. Rustagi would be interested in implementing such technology to further promote the success of his business.

“We made sure the staff at Pee Aar understands that the delivery of the ERP can be done in modules—that way they won’t have to get rid of the current systems they use in their company right away AND, they will have a very easy time making their transition from the current processes into the new systems we have in plan for them,” explained Mr. Takaoka. “Nihon Access’s forte is system integration—in Japan, most of the clients we serve, we do by either adding customized functionality to the systems they already use or, by creating new systems from scratch and integrating those with other modules our clients’ already possess. I am confident we will be able to provide Mr. Rustagi with a system that will satisfy all the requirements his production lines currently have.”

Mr. Takaoka and Mr. Joshi ready for this new challenge

It is this level of confidence demonstrated by Mr. Takaoka that will allow us to successfully deliver a product that our entire company can be proud of.

After the tour, all 3 gentlemen had a productive meeting. Mr. Joshi has been placed in charge of further communicating with Mr. Rustagi in order to take the project to its next phase. We will be updating all our stakeholders on the developments of this project, knowing that its success will symbolize a huge step in the right direction for the entire Nihon Access company.

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