Silver partnership with SOPHOS CERTIFIED

Here at Nihon Access, one of our major concerns lies in providing the best possible IT consultancy service, packaged with the best type of cybersecurity available. It is, thus, with great joy that we are now able to announce success in accomplishing an MOU with one of the biggest names in cybersecurity worldwide, SOPHOS—which will bring our systems to ever-higher levels of security and reliability.

After rigorous negotiation, SOPHOS has decided to certify Nihon Access as one of its official distributors, granting us the title of “Silver Partner.” This makes us one of the only 5 SOPHOS partnerships currently located in Osaka, and will allow us not only to distribute SOPHOS products but also integrate their world-class security with many of the infrastructure and networking services we are currently capable of delivering—further guaranteeing our clients’ safety whenever using accessing a network installed by us.

Here is the current list of SOPHOS associates in Japan. You are able to find our company’s Japanese name 日本アクセス株式会社 toward the middle of the list.

Below is another short video showcasing SOPHOS:

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