Founded in 2017, NIHON ACCESS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (called “NAI” hereinafter), is an IT infrastructure and IT solutions company that was established by us, in cooperation with our partner in Gurgaon, the Pee Aar Group, which is a successful automobile parts manufacturer in India.

A quick look at our facilities

NAI has been established with the goal of serving as Nihon Access’s gateway overseas, connecting our capacity of providing IT infrastructure and system development to companies in India and abroad. We brought in and installed our IT development & networking technologies from Japan while also paying great respect to the wealth of resources and IT knowledge India currently possesses. By combining the high level of importance we Japanese place on quality assurance, and the capacity to innovate and “think outside of the box” that our Indian engineers have, we have reached a new level of standards in the IT consultancy domain—the highest our company has ever been able to achieve.

Our front doors

Our Indian counterparts have a very similar corporate structure to ours, with the difference being at the greater level of resources devoted to system development, system enhancement, and application development. With an experienced team composed of JAVA, .NET, and PHP among other types of programmers, we are now able to finish our software development projects much faster and more effectively than ever before.

Mr. Yoshinori Tada, our director of sales and system enterprise explains how he envisions both Japan and India working together for the betterment of the IT service industry,

Mr. Tada working at his office in Osaka

“We are extremely proud as a company to have achieved ‘multi-national’ status with the creation of our joint venture in India. It is our hope that there may be a mutual exchange of knowledge between both the Indian and Japanese resources of our company and—through such exchange—the capacity in which we can benefit the corporate world with state-of-the-art IT solutions and consultancy will greatly increase. My personal dream for Nihon Access India is that one day it will grow larger than our Japanese counterpart so that eventually it will become the gateway to export the newest Japanese trends on ERP and business management technology abroad.”

Just as its Japanese affiliate, NAI will be placing great emphasis in servicing the following sectors of the corporate world:

  1. Government and Academia through the creation of office management and HR-based ERP solutions to help in the management of employees’ attendance records (through our original product, the “SmartManager” attendance tool
  2. Manufacturing, warehousing, and retail industries by creating web systems that will automate and fully integrate the entire manufacturing cycle for our clients: from production, storage, all the way to delivery and sales.
  3. Financial and banking sectors by providing IT solutions that are strongly linked with the cybersecurity provided by our partners at SOPHOS—which will make sure all our clients’ transactions are done securely both on the business and consumer end of the processes being executed.
Our team celebrating Diwali: 2019

We are very excited for our affiliates in India and wish them all the success in this new endeavor.

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