Joint project between NA-I and NA-J: a stock and delivery management system for a famous sweets producer in Japan:

Thanks to the hard work of our engineers working at our NAI office we were able to deliver a masterpiece warehousing web app to one of our major clients, a famous traditional Japanese sweets’ manufacturer located in Kyoto.

The app provided the manufacturer with a complete stocking management solution, allowing it to have full access to the current stockpile they have in their warehouses, the ability to restock the goods whenever needed, and the capacity to ship goods from one warehouse to another (in case emergent deliveries were needed). Finally, the tool also gave our client the ability to ship goods to their retailers directly with a single click—this meant that thanks to this system, it had now a comprehensive product management solution at their fingertips.  

Japanese traditional sweets and their concepts

Production of the web app was conducted in cooperation with the Japan office. Nihon Access Japan (NA-J) was in charge of providing the first 3 steps of the SDLC while Nihon Access India (NA-I) conducted the bulk of the final 3 steps. Documentation was translated into English by our localization team and sent to India so proper production could take place. The web app was developed on both Java and PHP. Once production was completed in India, the source code created was deployed onto our cloud environment, transliteration of terminology from English to Japanese was doubled checked—thorough testing was conducted, and the system was launched at the client site with the help of our Japanese system integration technicians working at NA-J.

“This type of collaboration between engineers from both countries is what I envisioned when I decided to reach out to my 2 business partners in order to open shop here in India” relates Mr. Kubota, Managing Director of Nihon Access Global, while sitting on his office chair at the Gurgaon office. Indeed, although language barriers prove it to be quite challenging, the collaboration between NA-I and NA-J is set to be very beneficial to clients based in either of both countries. “The longer we work together the more synergy we will have…and once we reach optimal levels of efficiency, customer satisfaction is bound to continue to sky-rocket,” confidently reiterates Mr. Kubota.

Mr. Kubota alongside NA-I staff

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