Guest Access Management System creation developed for a manufacturing giant here in Japan by 2 of our Indian Engineers

Nihon Access has just completed a project for a major electronics manufacturing giant in Japan to assist them in assessing the number and type of guests they have coming in and out of their plants here in Japan.

The system helps our client have access to the ID info, entry and departure times as well as the number of hours “present” either a guest or an employee has while visiting or working at the client’s premises. It was part of a much more comprehensive HR management system, with additional features pertaining to temp/guest workers being now implemented in the system so that proper access can be granted to assets visiting the clients’ campuses.

The system, which is still undergoing development, has a solid team of several different types of developers, 4 of which belong to Nihon Access—2 of those being part of our Indian team.

Development is being conducted using C#, VisualBasic (.Net), with SQL server being chosen as the main database. The project will most likely start its testing phase soon—hopefully going online towards the end of the year.

Our engineers are doing their best in order to complete this project successfully even amidst the world’s current pandemic crisis. With many countries worldwide organizing nation-wide lockdowns, we are extremely grateful to all our engineers who are going beyond the call of duty by continuing to work hard under these difficult circumstances.

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