E-pay app for major client renovated by our Indian Devs.

Currently, we have around 8 very professional international software engineers working here at Nihon Access. With the shortage of human resources Japan currently faces, our team of internationals has become our company’s crucial asset when it comes to handling some of our newest projects.

One such product involved backend operations that needed to be added to a popular e-pay app here in Japan. The app, like many others of its kind, works as a substitute to credit cards: giving its users the ability to pay for services “cashlessly.”

Our Indian engineers enjoying NA-J’s eat-out event

Recently, the e-pay “cashless” market has taken the entire country by a storm—offering fantastic 5% cashback deals to users whenever they pay for something by using e-pay apps.

3 of our engineers from India were selected for the project and sent directly to the client-site to work on adding new features to the already successful app. Our team worked on the backend side of the development, using mainly Java Spring, MySQL and HTML5 technologies in this project. The whole project consisted of the entire 6 stages of the Software Development Life Cycle and our engineers were part of all phases of development—from the architectural design to testing and deployment.

Agile was the methodology used in conducting the project. With a team consisting of 12 members in total—with resources from both India and Japan—the project has been dealt with successfully and is bound to go live toward the end of this month.

We would like to thank our staff for working so hard on this project and making it one of our company’s great successes.

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