Creation of an e-learning system for a client in Osaka to streamline crafting and distribution of corporate education material and examinations

Our NA-I and NA-J teams have come together yet again in order to create a comprehensive e-learning system for large construction corporation in the Osaka region of Japan.

our developers working at Nihon Access India in Gurgaon

The corporation was looking for a solution that would help most of its managers transfer corporate education materials to employees recently arrived at the company. That way, training could branch away from the use of “pen and paper” and step into the 21st-century, making the best use of smartphones and tablets to impart knowledge—and confirm delivery thereof—to the whole staff.

The system, a comprehensive e-learning platform that allows the trainers to upload all the related materials, homework, quizzes, and even the promotion examinations onto the platform was built using a combination of technologies—most prominent being PHP Frameworks through Laravel, HTML CSS, Javascript, and Jquery–with the database being MySql.

As all e-learning portals, the system is equipped with a “black-board” user-friendly interface that allows staff to see the entire roster of modules they have for a particular training session. Once they select one such module from their front-page list, they are then taken into the actual course window that has been customized by their respective trainer. There, employees can access all the data that has been unlocked/made available to them.

All media formats are supported by the platform. Full customization of icons, buttons windows and colors are also made available to trainers so that they can create a page that looks and feels like the program they have available.

This was not the first time that NA-J has developed an e-learning system…but it was the first time that it off-shored most of the work to our NA-I office.

The system went live last September and so far, our client has demonstrated great satisfaction with the end product achieved. We commend all developers from Nihon Access India who worked so hard in making the successful completion of this project very quick and easy to accomplish.

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