Creation of a comprehensive system for a famous personal care products’ manufacturer: manufacturing monitoring system for factories overseas

Our international team has done it again. 2 of our most experienced Indian engineers have joined a huge project for a large personal care product manufacturer here in Japan. The goal of the project was to develop a system that could monitor all aspects of the manufacturing process for our client, allowing for the automation of a majority of the steps each of their product lines execute before the products leave their conveyor belts.

Our Tokyo international team of developers

The system, once completed, is to be installed in the many international locations our client possesses. For this reason, the entire documentation of the project has been conducted in English. This has given our 2 deployed engineers of Indian origin an advantage over other members of the developing team assigned for the project—since out of the 15 selected, they were the only 2 of non-Japanese and non-Chinese origin, as well as the only 2 capable of communicating, reading and writing English at native fluency levels.

Japan-India alliance

“Just being able to read the client’s objectives for the software without second-guessing the requirements because of a language issue definitely gave us the upper hand on this project,” says one of our team members involved. Both of our engineers have been able to execute the tasks given them with great success, while also serving as a bridge between the documentation from overseas and the non-English speaking engineers.

The system itself is going to be an added attribute to a much more comprehensive ERP system that oversees the entire supply chain for the client. Once completed, it will seamlessly be integrated into the ERP, making sure production is conducted comprehensively on a much larger scale than the current capacity our client has. With that, our client hopes to meet the large product demand burden placed on them by their overseas market.

Details on the project have been kept strictly confidential and for that reason, we are not able to divulge the environment and technologies being used on this on-going project. We know that it is a project that will not easily be completed, and the expectation is for our team to be deployed at the client site at least until the end of the year.

We wish the best of luck to our employees working hard here in Japan, even under the novel Covid-19 scare that has been keeping most of our corporate world with tied hands.     

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