Company Event: Staff BBQ

Every year, our staff holds a staff barbecue during the summer season in Japan. The event is held in order to promote strong relationships amongst our team members.

Staff from all departments of the company are invited to join the event. By sharing a meal together our company’s president, Mr. Kubota, believes that staff can better interact with one another, without the daily constraints and “office pressure” that the day to day Japanese work environment promotes, “by having a few drinks and food together, the staff is able to discuss new ideas with one another freely…suddenly, the ‘class-hierarchy’ divisions of senpai vs kohai are gone. Our freshman sales representative can now share his ideas with the IT director without any fears of being reprimanded or criticized. Ideally, we strive to build relationships within our company that are not bound by the conventional Japanese communication norms but, that is something very difficult to achieve within the office itself. That’s why we hope events like our team BBQ will serve as just that: a place where staff can relax and learn how to better communicate with peers at different life and professional stages within our company” says Mr. Kubota.

Unlike in many traditional companies—which tend to make the participation by staff to such events mandatory—Nihon Access makes sure such participation is completely on a volunteer basis, “we want our people to have a good time during these kinds of events—yes they are welcome to discuss work but, we don’t want them to feel that they must ‘punch the card’ by forcing participation” describes Mr. Tada, Nihon Access’s Sales, and  IT director. “We do that by making sure our employees’ families—that’s right, their spouses and children—can be part of the event. We also make sure there is no official ‘start’ or ‘finish’ time for the event…staff can come and go freely between the time we get the fire started, to the time of their last-train is due” Mr. Tada emphasizes. Indeed, by taking these measures, Nihon Access guarantees the enjoyment of the event by every employee—and family thereof. Therefore, achieving a high participation rate (on average of at least 80% of all employees take part in these and other company yearly events).

Would you like to be part of such a team? We have openings in most of our offices around the world and wouldn’t mind welcoming new persons interested in working in the IT industry. Click on the link of our official websites for more detail.




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