Business Partnership with PCA: the Japanese leader in accounting related ERP systems

“Our partnership with PCA has become a driving force of our entire IT endeavor here at Nihon Access. It has been by the integration of their state of the package ERP software that our company has been able to enter the very competitive ‘business management’ software enterprise,” exclaimed Mr. Norimichi Matsuoka, Nihon Access’s System Integration (SI) department’s Business Development Manager. “Thanks to this partnership, we’ve gotten our hands into a huge amount of knowledge—knowledge which has been used to upgrade the entire skill set of our software engineers here at our SI department. With these new skills, we have been able to accomplish so much more in terms of office management software! This has only increased our outreach in terms of providing different types of solutions in the HR, accounting and office management domain to our clients. Not only that! Through our partnership with PCA, we have been able to design original solutions that now PCA itself distributes to their own customers by packaging our apps with their system—and that is a customer-base we would not have been able to reach if it wasn’t for PCA,” he continues.

PCAs website JP), front page

A partnership with PCA is something that many Japanese mid-size IT solution providers like us aspire to achieve. But first, what kind of company is PCA?

According to their President, Mr. Fumiaki Sato “in 1980, during those days when the use of software to manage a business was not a widespread concept, several accountants came together with the aim of developing a software package that could run on personal computers, and that small-to-medium-sized enterprises would be able to install. What resulted was PCA. PCA responded aggressively to new technology and changing circumstances, providing products that did not yet exist on the market. From our earliest days, we fought off our competitors to become pioneers in equipping software with automatic sorting functions, software adaptable to consumption tax, networks, Windows and clouds. This pioneering spirit is a PCA tradition, and was the PCA corporate culture from its foundation.” Currently, PCA has branched away from only providing accounting software solutions—they have a comprehensive ERP system that enables their users to link their production capacities with their warehousing and retailing extremely well—and for an affordable price.

In terms of office use, the accumulation of knowhow PCA has piled up in its 40 years of history has allowed it to enter AI territory: “Artificial Intelligence is a new trend in the constantly evolving IT sector, and ever since the initial research stage practical goods and services in this field have gradually started to be provided. Meanwhile, as the birthrate declines (in Japan) and the number of elderly people increases, legal systems closely connected to our daily lives such as taxation and social security systems are changing. In response to this, work-life balance, ways of working and how to interact with society are coming under reexamination. Now, at the very point at which our society is seeking to change, we find ourselves in an era that seeks to entrust operations management to the software so that human resources can be placed in divisions that need to be more competitive,” Mr. Sato continues. Indeed, by outsourcing the accounting protocols of business to “the machines,” PCA’s clients have now more room to breathe and can better allocate their human efforts in areas where they need to be most profitable.

A video highlighting the issues mentioned by the president of PCA, Mr. Fumiaki Sato. The text in Japanese means the same thing he mentions above.

Mr. Norimichi Matsuoka: director of our PCA related services

It is in facilitating the smooth operation of complex systems like these and creating the actual end-user experience (the employees working at the office of PCA’s clients and their consumers) that Nihon Access brings its contribution to PCA’s ERP. “Some of the functionality needs to be customized in very specific ways. Some clients demand that strict customization be done to the PCA UI so that their brand image is very much displayed in the internal & external systems they are using,” says Mr. Matsuoka. By making proper use of Rest APIs, our development team works around the clock in order to provide a final version of PCA that is interactive, easy to maneuver, easy to learn and teach—looking exactly like what the client wants it to look like. Our relationship with PCA will continue to grow stronger as we also hope to serve as a gateway to bring some of their fresh-of-the-lab AI technologies abroad.

The PCA related content on this post has all been downloaded from the PCA website itself at That includes the media content as well as the speech by PCA’s president, Mr. Fumiaki Sato.

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