Annual stakeholder & staff golf tournament:

Once a year our staff and some of our stakeholders (i.e.: investors, clients, partners) come together either during the Spring or Fall seasons in order to hold our annual game of golf.

The opportunity not only gives us a chance of exchanging some “golf banter” with some of our closest and most important stakeholders, it also provides us a fantastic platform to discuss new business opportunities. That way, we make sure the interests of both stakeholders and our company stay congruent and, most important, profitable.

The tournament gives investors some insight on the current staff we have driving our company forward as well—further assuring our stakeholders that Nihon Access is in good hands.

The event runs as a proper golf championship: score sheets for each participant are kept and, in the end, some of the best performers of the day receive prizes—with the biggest one going to champion, of course. As in every Japanese gathering, there are plenty of speeches—staff and stakeholders alike will take the time to thank each other for positively maintaining their business relationship—and the winners of the games are also welcomed to come up to share a few words on their golf-swinging secrets. At the end of the of it all, everyone shares a meal accompanied by a few drinks.

“As a company, we take great pride in making sure both our staff and our stakeholders are well-taken care of and pleased with the progress Nihon Access aspires to make,” shares Mr. Kubota, Managing President of our company. “We look forward to adding more international counterparts to our yearly golf tournament and are anxious about building new bridges with new stakeholders from abroad.”

If you are an investor and interested in partnering with a Japanese company that is working around to clock to increase its IT influence in several different business domains, feel free to contact us through email ( or through our social media channels.

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