Announcement: Another successful MOU concluded with RPA Technologies!

Today we are thrilled to announce a successful partnership agreement we were able to sign with RPA Technologies which grants us the retail rights to their fantastic system called BizRobo.

BizRobo is one of the newest trends in Japanese AI technology for office use. Built with the American KAPOW RPA engine, BizRobo is able to automate most day to day office chores, from calculating and organizing accounting totals, to managing consumer excel data entries—it is bound to reduce the amount of time spent on menial daily office tasks exponentially.

By becoming a Bronze partner, Nihon Access has been granted the privilege to retail this innovative product to all of its clientele in Japan. Our hope is to continue to work towards acquiring a Gold partnership so that we may also have the right to customize this system to better fit our clients’ needs.

With population numbers continuously dropping, Japan will look to replace more and more of its depleting human resources with AI and robotics. It is Nihon Access goal to also be one of the pioneers in this ever-growing automation industry.

More information on RPA available on the video posted above.

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